At last, our slow, junk servers are gone. And our new NVMe SSD servers are in! These new servers are packed with performance ready to tackle any task sent its way. Our old servers lasted us a while, but started to get really, really slow. So slow that the Support Ticket Software took minutes on end just to load the client page, let alone the administrative page. Along with server upgrades, we’ve completely migrated our CDN (Content Delivery Network) to Cloudflare, paired with W3 Total Cache for ultimate performance!

However, all good things come at a price. While migrating our old data to our new servers, user accounts created 24 hours prior the migration were deleted. If you were affected, please create a new account and allow 24-48 hours for your data to sync with our CRM.


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Nicholas Weiner

Nicholas Weiner

Nicholas is the Founder of iCanFixTech Technology Repair, he also runs all our online services such as the website, e-mail service, help desk, etc. In Nicholas's free time, he enjoys competitive swimming, biking, kayaking, and sitting in his office.

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