iCanFixTech Technology Repair was officially created on March 21, 2017 by Nicholas and Morbze.

Nicholas always wanted to create a business, but never had the time to execute his plan. Until Morbze gave him pointers and positive reinforcement. Our very first site was created using Weebly (yikes). We had a few clients, mainly consisting of our parents and some of our good friends. We kept business going for 1.5 years until we realized, we were broke. We couldn’t fund the site/business any longer, nor did we have the time. So as all “bankrupt” businesses do, they close. However we didn’t technically close, while we still had the domain name in our posession, nothing was linked to it, no website, nothing. It stayed like this until July 2018.

In July 2018, Kyler Ferguson, the current VP of iCanFixTech Technology Repair, suggested that he, Morbze, and I re-structure iCanFixTech to feature a support center, forum, PC Building Team, etc.

We were all on board. So Nicholas went out to work, bringing the website back up, creating employee email addresses, and configuring employee communication systems. After hard work, we’re now up and running as the company/website you see today.

Currently, iCanFixTech is funded by the revenue(s) it receives from repairs, PC builds, and sales from our partners at MintMobile and NordVPN. It is also funded by Nicholas’s father because he doesn’t want us to give up, he wants us to keep working hard until we make it.


You can’t just give up after all you’ve accomplished. Move on, and keep working until you make it.

~ Nicholas’s Father